Being COVIDient to present times

The present scenario looks like an out-and-out Hollywood flick that has the recipe to make it to the podium. But sadly, it isn’t a figment of imagination, nor these times are going to just fade away at the snap of a finger.

Affordable Luxury isn’t a coined term but a REALITY

A tier of society be it from any geography always looks forward to upgrading. In India, this layer majorly comprises of the mid & upper-middle-class segment which always aspires to scale-up to live better.

Buying A Home? 5 Points You Shouldn’t Give A MISS!!!

Jumping On The Trampoline To Hit The Skies and Buying Your First Home may have the same thrill; the latter being more realistic though!!!
There is nothing like the feeling you get when you put your hands on the keys to your first home.

YOUR Home Makes You Wealthy & Wise

Ask anyone for their bucket-list. There are high chances of Owning A House written right up there. The uncertain economic & social conditions had compelled us to believe that real estate purchase sentiment will bear the brunt in the pre-post COVID revival stage. However, to everyone’s surprise, including real estate pundits, the majority of the population believes that this phase is the best time to own a home.
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