Buying A Home? 5 Points You Shouldn’t Give A MISS!!!

Jumping On The Trampoline To Hit The Skies and Buying Your First Home may have the same thrill; the latter being more realistic though!!!
There is nothing like the feeling you get when you put your hands on the keys to your first home. As you pass through the front door, knowing that it is your’s, there is a sudden rush of imagination that will run through your thoughts and with every year passing by, each room of your home becomes an album of memories. That said, there are several nuances one needs to look into before buying a home. These may be trivial and in fact, would require the buyer to be extremely inquisitive. After all, it is the home we are talking about!!! Consider it as a ready reckoner or perhaps our know-how of things, here are some of the most important elements for you to consider before indulging in that purchase of a lifetime.
1.Budget | Indulge Wisely
Well, your budget is the spine of your dream and that dream can be as big as buying a home. Considering all the household expenses that you incur in a month, honestly examine your income & debt and then look out for options that best fit into your comfort bracket. Also, make sure that the property you are buying is worth every penny spent. Think pragmatically because your first property might not be your last.
2.Location | Being Futuristic
What is it about the place that makes it so important? Well, for starters, whilst buying a house you’ll always want to move into a like-minded community. Its proximity to your kids’ school and shopping centers, easy commutes to wherever you want to go and other amenities would always be on the top of your mind. It always makes sense to buy a property in a neighborhood that you can see the future of. Locations will always give you returns; some good, others better.
3.Documents | The Hawk-Eyed You
Flip once, twice or how much ever you want to but make sure to go through all your property documents well. The amount of paperwork you will see or need to do is going to be staggering, to say the least, but come what may it has to be done. With RERA coming-in, most of the issues concerning the purchase have got rooted-out, nonetheless, it is always advised to pay heed to paper as it will secure you for life.
4.Construction Quality | Involve Yourself To The Hilt
You’ll always want to move into the most likeable and appealing properties. A reputed builder or someone who has a vision for the future shall never compromise in the quality periphery. Keep visiting your property regularly during the course of the construction. Your property in this context doesn’t essentially mean your home, but the entire campus. This will help you understand how much drive the builder has for the overall development.
5.Loans | Be Selective
It couldn’t have been a better time to buy a property than the one we are in right now. Just look at the home loan interest rates offered by banks & financial institutions; they are at an all-time low. Before buying a home, always check the magnitude of funding you’ll receive from the lenders. Reputed builders have tie-ups with lending institutions which can surely help process your loan documents faster.
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