Find your happiness with our homes.

Indulge yourself in extravagance and refinement, because you deserve every square inch of it, FOREVER.

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Take a look at some of our recent projects that were successfully delivered to our customers. To view more, please click the link below.

Shiva Enclave

Elegantly modern apartments with top-tier amenities make the 84 spaciously crafted 02 BHK flats covering 92000 sq.ft. area worth waiting for.

Shiva Prime

With 64 flats that define luxury and contentment, get ready for stunning views, unobstructed scenery, and high-standards of life.

our work


Sqft Land Constructed
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Affordable Luxury
Our projects are conceptualized keeping in mind upgrades that buyers are longing to have from time to time. Who doesn’t want a luxurious living space after all? And if that space comes under the price range.
Respecting Deadlines
It has always been about bridging that gap between aspiration and reality. This, and an inclination to get the projects delivered on schedule- rain or shine.
Alliance beyond Registry
Shiva Homes has always put its customers' values and yearning right at the forefront. In essence, we go a step further and gel our beliefs with their pursuits and endeavors.

Commitment & Transparency
From maintaining transparency to augmenting standards to meeting deadlines, our credibility is our mojo.
Captivating Infrastructure
Contriving best-in-class infrastructure and always being consistent is no cake-walk, we have been able to deliver top-notch projects over a span of 07 years.

Customer Delight
Adopting digitization among other newer avenues, both on the ground as well as within systems.

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find your happiness

Indulge yourself in extravagance and refinement, because you deserve every inch of it, FOREVER

A peep into the life of a resident at any of the Shiva branded properties will put a smile on your face. That’s because we work on the basics. With us, a robust and captivating infrastructure is a day in our life; what we exhaustively work on is giving you an experience that molds your perception towards the lifestyle patterns forever

And by the way, this happiness doesn’t come in bits and pieces, but in entirety. Even the slightest of possibility is given a shape that becomes an invincible part of your home forever

We have changed the way people perceive affordability. Known to offer a luxurious lifestyle even in the affordable category, our deliverables enhance your way of life to the extent that puts your mind at ease and upgrades your thoughts forever

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